Tips for driving economically

How can I drive more economically and efficiently? Especially with the current fuel prices it is wise to start thinking about that. Because if you take a few tips into account, you will not only drive more economically, it is also good for the environment! Moreover, it is better for your vehicle. There are more ways to do this besides driving slower or getting a smaller car. Many savings do not require more than an adapted driving style and good-quality maintenance.

Good maintenance:

Clean performs better is our motto. Your vehicle can only perform optimally when the engine is clean inside. A clean engine provides optimum performance and optimum fuel economy. That is why it is important to use Forté cleaning products each time you service your vehicle. This prevents deposits in the engine from leading to damage. Just a small investment for you, but with great savings as a result. Clean performs better!

Tips for an economical driving style:

•   Already switch into a higher gear at lower engine speeds. For petrol engines between 2,000
    and 2,500 RPM. For diesel engines between 1,800 and 2,200 RPM.
•   Keep your speed as constant as possible at a low engine speed.
•  Make sure you are in fifth gear when driving 80 kilometres per hour. Already switch to fourth gear
   at 50 kilometres per hour.
•  Think as far ahead as possible and anticipate the actions of other road users.
•  Avoid unnecessary (hard) braking and unnecessary acceleration.
•  Maintain a safe distance. This will allow you to better anticipate the other road users.
•  If you have to slow down or have to stop for a traffic light, then timely throttle down, do not
   declutch, and let the car roll out while in gear until you press down on the clutch.
•  Keep to the speed limit.
•  Turn off your engine when you make a short stop. Even when making a 20-second stop, it can
   be useful to turn off the engine.
•  Avoid wasting energy by unnecessarily using electrical equipment, such as the air conditioning,
   additional lighting and rear window heating. Ultimately, the electricity is generated by burning
   extra fuel.
•  Use cruise control if available on your vehicle.

Plan your trip ahead:

•   Leave on time and avoid rush hour as much as possible.
•   Avoid unnecessary weight and wind resistance (remove the roof box or bike rack if not needed).
•   Avoid driving short distances. A cold engine uses more fuel than a warmed up engine.
•   A correct tyre pressure means driving more economically. Check the tyre pressure monthly.

Clean performs better!



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