Forté repair advice

One of the ways in which Forté supports professional companies is by means of diagnostic and cleaning advice in case of failure. Below is a list of situations for which Forté offers solutions.

Note:      Many of these faults could have been prevented by
               performing the maintenance-related cleaning with Forté products.
               Clean performs better!

Engine general:
•  Excessive wear of engines.
•  Oil leakage through hardened valve seals and seal rings.
•  Tapping of hydraulic tappets/ strange engine noises.
•  Freezing of the crankcase ventilation.
•  Noises and sticking of the camshaft adjustment valve.

Petrol engines:
•  Black sludge in petrol engines.
•  Fuel system contamination in LPG engines.
•  Conservation of petrol engines at a prolonged standstill.
•  Difficulty starting and/or stalling due to sticking valves.
•  Carbon deposits in combustion chambers and intake valves (IDI).
•  Improper mixture preparation.
•  Increased oil consumption in petrol engines.
•  Contamination of the throttle valves and the throttle chambers.
•  Poor operation and contamination of the ETM and the crankcase ventilation.
•  Excessive dirt on the intake valves with direct and indirect injection engines.

Diesel engines:
•  Oil consumption due to carbon deposits in the piston ring grooves in (DI) diesel engines.
•  Excessive soot emission in diesel engines.
•  Increased oil consumption in diesel engines at a relatively low odometer reading.
•  EN 590 specification and lubricity.
•  Clogging of diesel fuel filters.
•  Stalling of diesel engines.
•  Clogging of the oxidation catalyst in diesel engines due to soot deposits.
•  Adjustment of the uniform motion control to the maximum.
•  Black sludge in diesel engines.
•  Turbo pressure is too high or too low due to sooting of the variable turbo.
•  Error message clogged particulate filter (DPF diagnosis bulletin).
•  Stuck glow plugs.
•  Leakage and sticking of the Common Rail injectors.
•  Contamination of the air intake of diesel engines.
•  Clogged Particulate Filter (DPF repair bulletin).
•  Turbo damage 1.6 common rail diesel.

Cooling system:
•  Oil in the cooling system.
•  Corrosion in the cooling systems.
•  Poor- or non-functioning parking heater or water heater.
•  Pressure loss and leakage of the cooling system.
•  Poor cooling due to dirt on the outside of the radiator.
•  Prevention of premature leakage and clogging of the heater radiator.

•  Rattling noise at the drive shafts.
•  Problems switching gear in manual transmissions.
•  Noises in manual transmissions.
•  Automatic transmission not changing smoothly.

Power steering:
•  Loss of power steering assistance.
•  Leakage power steering system.
•  Noises in power steering system.

Climate control:
•  Musty smell after turning on the air conditioning.

•  Stuck bolts and nuts.
•  Noise from the stabiliser rubbers.

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